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  • expert and experienced academic tutoring
  • responsive to your needs – we care
  • personal, individualized and tailor-made assistance
  • prompt turnaround
  • clear and easy-to-understand
  • the essential information on one website
  • instructional videos of practical demonstrations of writing skills

…[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [title size=”2″]Testimonials[/title] [testimonials] [testimonial name=”Mathew” gender=”male ” company=”Masters student, Psychology, James Cook University”]Today’s session was great! Much appreciated. Feel as though I have direction…This is the best supervision I have had so far![/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Julie” gender=”female” company=”Undergraduate, Law, Southern Cross University”]I can’t thank you enough, I was truly ready to give up before I connected with you. Your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Esther” gender=”female” company=”Graduate, Master of Social Work Studies, University of Queensland”]I always look forward to meeting with Bill who understands my needs and goals. He has a wealth of knowledge about academic writing which helps me to get a better grade. I feel much more confident in my academic writing. Thank you.[/testimonial] [/testimonials] [/one_half]


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