Editing & coaching pricing

Writing Academically provides GOLD (comprehensive editing) and SILVER (proofread/copy edit) editing services (see below).

Online or in-person coaching session(s) ($70AUD per hour) for your essay, thesis or PhD dissertation are also available to help identify and solve your academic writing needs and issues directly with Dr Bill Wrigley.


Gold Service – Comprehensive Editing

proofreading/copyedit plus check, correct, and/or provide guidance on:

 relevance & consistency with assignment instructions & marking criteria

consistency & precision of research questions and hypotheses

relevance and consistency of structure in each section of essay or thesis, eg Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion

clarity, consistency & accuracy of methodology and statistical analyses.


Silver Service – Proofreading/Copy Editing

check, correct and/or provide guidance on:

spelling, punctuation and grammar

clarity: clearly expressed.

quality of substantiation (citations or other evidence support)

conciseness: avoids wordiness or unnecessary words or phrases.

cohesion: logical and clear connections (cohesion) between phrases, clauses,  sentences, paragraphs and sections; ideas form a coherent and consistent whole.

logical flow: ideas flow clearly and logically.

accuracy of in-text editing style and formatting (eg with APA 6th edition or Harvard).

Fees Schedule

Words Proofread/Copy Edit Comprehensive Editing
500 $20 $35
1,000 $40 $70
1,500 $60 $105
2,000 $80 $140
3,000 $120 $210
4,000 $160 $280
5,000 $200 $300
6,000 $240 $360
7,000 $280 $420
8,000 $320 $480
9,000 $360 $540
10,000 $400 $600
12,500 $490 $700
15,000 $525 $740
17,500 $620 $870
20,000 $700 $980
25,000 $875 $1,225
30,000 $990 $1,344
40,000 $1,300 $1,664
50,000 $1,600 $2,080
60,000 $1,920 $2,496
   60,000 + email for quote email for quote


Ethical editing practice

Gold and Silver editing services are provided by Writing Academically according to the Australian standards for editing practice that have been approved by the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDoGS) in Australian universities. This means that substantive or structural editing, which provides solutions or improvements for any substantive or structural problems by re-structuring, re-writing, re-formatting, re-arranging, re-ordering, or adding or deleting material where necessary is not provided by Writing Academically as it breaches these ethical standards.

What feedback is provided?

Written comments, corrections (where ethical), guidance, and feedback are provided using track changes in a Word document.

How do we get started?

You can email your writing for a quotation. If it is an assignment, emailing the marking criteria and the assignment instructions would also be useful.

You can also make a time to discuss your writing on the phone, by Skype, Facetime, or in-person. Email Dr Bill Wrigley to arrange a session.

How do I submit my writing and pay?

The usual submission and pre-payment process for editing work is:

1. Email me your writing

Feel free to directly email Dr Bill Wrigley your writing for a quotation.  If it is an assignment, sending  the assignment instructions and marking criteria will also help to provide a more accurate estimate to edit your writing.

2. I give you a quotation

I will peruse the documents you send me and email you a quotation price based on the rates outlined in the above table.

3. I email you an invoice

Once you confirm by email that you wish to proceed, I will email you an invoice for a pre-payment of the total amount or part payment by negotiation.

4. You email a pre-payment receipt

After you send an image copy or PDF of the bank receipt of your online or in-person bank transfer payment (the bank transfer details are in the invoice), I will begin the editing and send you the work that is completed for the pre-paid work or time.

In-person coaching or editing pricing

I charge in 15-minute blocks at $70AUS per hour for telephone, Zoom/Skype/Facetime or in-person consultation or editing.

There are no travelling expense charges for in-person interviews where the distance to the meeting is less than 30 minutes travel time for Writing Academically’s tutor or coach. Where travel charges may apply, these are arranged by negotiation.

You can email Dr Bill Wrigley your writing (and assignment instructions and marking criteria if applicable) for a quotation.

You can also ask a question in the box on the right of this page, or leave a comment below.

How do we meet for online or in-person coaching or editing?

We can have an online or in-person coaching or editing session to review and edit your writing and/or discuss your assignment, essay, thesis, dissertation or other writing needs. The fee is $54AUD per hour for these sessions.

You can contact me directly to make a time to meet online via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime.

For an in-person session we can meet at a mutually convenient, quiet cafe in the Sunshine Coast region, or Brisbane region by arrangement. Please email Dr Bill Wrigley to arrange a session.

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