Proofreading and other academic editing

proofreading & other academic editing

Dr Bill Wrigley is an experienced, expert proofreading editor for your  thesis, journal article or literature review. He provides GOLD (comprehensive edit) and SILVER (proofread/copy edit) editing services across a wide range of disciplines (eg. the social sciences, humanities, health sciences, and natural sciences) for all types of academic writing, including:

  • thesis, dissertation, or thesis proposal
  • journal article
  • literature review
  • resumes, cover letters & emails
  • presentations, submissions & applications

He also offers tutoring or coaching session(s) for the academic writing of a thesis, dissertation, journal article or literature review. He has extensive experience and expertise in academic writing. He has worked as a lecturer, coach, tutor, trainer, mentor, and examiner in seven Australian and international universities. He has also published articles and a book chapter, and his PhD dissertation won an excellence award.

Expert, prompt, and responsive

  • Expert, comprehensive editing through English corrections, comments, guidance and feedback
  • Direct, prompt, personal attention and personal contact with Dr Bill Wrigley, by email, text or mobile phone to answer queries or discuss issues
  • Prompt turnaround, all deadlines met for editing your academic writing
  • Friendly, expert, in-person assistance (personal session by phone Skype, or in-person meeting)

Competitive Pricing

Writing Academically offers very competitive pricing for editing  your academic writing or coaching sessions that are conscious of your budget and needs.

GOLD and SILVER editing services

check, correct, and/or provide guidance on:

academic English, including spelling, punctuation and grammar

consistency & precision of research questions and/or hypotheses

clarity, consistency and accuracy of methodology and statistical analysis

clarity: clearly expressed

quality of substantiation (citations or other evidence support)

conciseness: avoiding wordiness or unnecessary words or phrases

cohesion: logical and clear connections (cohesion) between phrases, clauses,  sentences, paragraphs and sections; ideas form a coherent and consistent whole

logical flow: ideas flow clearly and logically

accuracy of in-text editing style and formatting (eg with APA 6th edition or Harvard).

Coaching for guidance on:

  • thesis writing
  • journal article writing
  • literature review writing
  • critical analysis
  • effective & efficient literature search tips & tricks


Proofreading & other editing services

Expert, prompt and responsive comprehensive & copy editing & proofreading

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