Essay, thesis & dissertation coaching

Academic writing coaching can help improve your essay, thesis or dissertation by identifying what you need and giving you tips and tricks to help solve any queries, problems, issues or concerns with your academic writing.

Essay, thesis or dissertation coaching is particularly useful for writers of an assignment, essay, thesis or PhD dissertation as an adjunct to assistance they may receive from their course tutor or supervisor(s).

Dr Bill Wrigley has a PhD and many years experience as a tutor and coach of students and can give you the ongoing support you might need and help you improve or solve the writing difficulties you may face.

A one-off or more regular meetings by phone, Skype or in-person can really help improve your essay, thesis or dissertation writing skills, generate effective and practical ideas and solutions, and help solve problems before they become worse.

Essay, thesis & dissertation coaching

Coaching for your essay or thesis can help with:

  • brainstorming ideas
  • achieving targeted and efficient literature searches
  • clarifying a logical structure, convincing arguments and a well-organized layout
  • critically analysing research
  • formulating a thesis statement, position or stance
  • formulating precise, measurable research questions or hypotheses
  • structuring concise sentences and paragraphs, including topic sentences (first sentence of a paragraph)
  • achieving cohesion and flow in your writing, including effective use of linking words and phrases
  • effective planning and time management
  • solving formatting problems
  • efficient use of SPSS or Endnote

Coaching pricing

Bill Wrigley charges in 15 minute blocks at $70AUD per hour for coaching by phone, Zoom, Skype/Facetime or in-person.

There are no travelling expense charges for in-person interviews where the distance to the meeting is less than 30 minutes travel time for Writing Academically’s tutor or coach. Where travel charges may apply, these are arranged by negotiation.

Contact Dr Bill Wrigley to discuss your writing needs.

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