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FAQs for our editing services & prices. Click on the arrow on the left of each question to read the answer.

How and where can we help you?

There are several ways we can provide assistance, depending on your preference:

  • email and/or text messages
  • phone, Skype, Facetime or Teamviewer
  • in-person in the Brisbane region

With each of these ways, we can review and edit your writing and/or we can discuss your assignment, thesis or other writing needs.

How do we get started?

You can email us your writing. If it is an assignment, emailing the marking criteria and the assignment instructions would also be useful.

If you wish, we can also make a time to discuss your writing, either on the phone, by Skype, Facetime, or in-person.

What are the academic English & content areas we edit?

Unless requested otherwise, we usually provide a full review, which includes checking the degree to which both the  academic English and academic content in your writing is:
Academic Content

  • logically argued
  • well structured and organized
  • cohesive and flowing
  • critically analyzing the issues, arguments, concepts, theories, methodologies, and research on the topic
  • substantiated with evidence (eg, citations, examples or quotations) for every claim
  • logical and well organized in its layout
  • consistent with the marking criteria and other requirements of the assignment or thesis
  • accurate in the use of the required referencing and editing style in the text (eg APA 6th edition or Harvard)

Academic English

  • sound in sentence and paragraph structure
  • grammatically correct
  • consistent with academic writing conventions and rules (formal, cautious, precise and concise, impartial and objective, and substantiated)
  • use of academic vocabulary
  • accurate with punctuation

What feedback do we provide?

Our aim is to help you improve your academic writing.  To achieve this, we provide written corrections, suggestions, and feedback in regards to the academic English and content (see above), usually in a Word or Pages (Mac) document, unless another format is preferred.

We do not write passages or analyse or interpret data for you because this is considered a form of plagiarism.

What is our pricing?

We charge in 15 minute blocks at $52AUS per hour for all services and writing formats.

An estimate of the time it will take to complete editing services and a written invoice are provided before beginning the work.

You can email Dr Bill Wrigley your writing (and assignment instructions and marking criteria if applicable) for an estimate of the time to complete a review and edit of your writing, or to arrange a time to meet in-person.

You can also ask a question in the box on the right of this page, or leave a comment below.

There are no travelling expense charges for in-person interviews where the distance to the meeting is less than 30 minutes travel time for Writing Academically’s tutor or coach. Where travel charges may apply, these are arranged by negotiation.

How do I submit my writing and pay?

The usual submission and pre-payment process for editing work is:

1. Email us your writing

Feel free to email Dr Bill Wrigley your writing.  If it is an assignment, sending  the assignment instructions and marking criteria will also help to provide a more accurate estimate of time to edit your writing.

2. We give you an estimate

We will peruse these documents and email you an estimate of the time it will take to review the documents and edit your writing. This estimate will be determined by the quality, accuracy, length and complexity of your writing.

3. We email you an invoice

Once you confirm by email that you wish us to proceed, we will email you an invoice for a pre-payment of 1 or  2 hours of work or more (whichever is your preference).

4. You email a pre-payment receipt

After you send an image copy or PDF of the bank receipt of your online or in-person bank transfer payment (the bank transfer details are in the invoice), we will begin the editing and send you the work that was completed for the pre-paid time, along with an estimate of the time it will take to complete the editing work, if necessary.

5. We email you a further invoice

If you decide you want us to continue, we will send you a further invoice and will await pre-payment before resuming the edits.

Where do we meet for in-person sessions?

For in-person sessions, contact us to make a time and place to meet. We can meet at a mutually convenient, quiet cafe in the Brisbane region, or a home visit may also be possible. Please contact Dr Bill Wrigley to arrange a meeting.

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